Animals That Are Far Worse Than Sharks

Yes, sharks are still dangerous animals that might attack you but there are more less-likely animals that are as dangerous or even more dangerous than sharks. Just remember that no matter where you are, there’s always something you have to be cautious of. Like most common animals too like dogs who might have rabies. No matter where you go, even when you’re on scuba diving holidays, anything could happen. So who’s to say a common house pet could not kill you or seriously injure you? Therefore, here are a few animals that are much worse than just sharks. 

Black Mamba

Of course, we’re going to start off with snakes. I’m pretty sure that snakes have caused more harm to people rather than sharks due to them being able to live anywhere. In lakes, ponds, oceans, muddy areas, woody areas, you name it and there’s probably a snake living there. However, we’re not just talking about any snack here. We’re talking about the black mamba. Getting its name because of how pitch black the inside of its mouth is, the black mamba is among the fastest snakes on earth. Growing up to 14 feet in length, and its venom is deadly. Once bitten, it could take maybe 20-30 minutes for you to be able to get to a nearby hospital with a vaccine. This is because you’ll slowly start to lose feeling in your body, being paralysed before the venom takes effect on your heart. If I were you, I’d probably stay clear of a black mamba’s way.

Tsetse Fly

You might be thinking, is this fly a giant fly or something? Well, no actually it’s just the size of a regular housefly. However, this pesky little insect could bite you in an instant and infect you with a disease called the “sleeping sickness” or African trypanosomiasis disease. Once bitten, a parasite could be released into you and thus infecting you with the disease. Symptoms are high fevers, fatigue, muscle aches and more. Plus, without proper and constant treatment, it could cause death. So if you were planning to visit or live maybe around the sub-Saharan Africa areas, it’s best that you bring extra insect repellent. 


Even though this fish could easily be one of the deadliest species of fish known to mankind, it is not easy to spot. Named after what they look like, stonefish blend in really well with the ocean floor. Easily missed by prey or predator, they fit rit in whether it be among other ocean bed stones or acting as a stone by itself. If you accidentally step on one, its venom can cause severe pain and swelling, making you lose function in both arms and legs and cause your body to go into shock. It can easily cause death if not treated as soon as possible. 

Golden Poison Dart Frog

Frogs are normally harmless. However, there are a lot of species that can be very venomous. Typically, these types of frogs are very brightly coloured and beautiful, all the more for you to try and grab them right? Well, please don’t. These brightly coloured frogs are the ones that could kill you. The worst part of it is that the poison is on their skin, secreted like how we secrete sweat and a mere touch can cause problems. Especially with the golden poison dart frog. Although this species is on the endangered list due to deforestations, one tiny frog has poison that is potent enough to kill 10 grown humans. 

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Written by Jason Hansen