Apartment for rent mutiara damansara: What are the Necessary Options?

As regards VAT, on the other hand, a subsidy can be obtained when the house is purchased from the construction company, using the 4% subsidized rate to be applied on the sale price of the property itself.

If you become the owner of the house through a donation or following an inheritance deed, you are entitled to a subsidy on mortgage taxes in a fixed amount of 200 dollars for each tax. Finally, anyone who sells and repurchases a house is entitled to the so-called tax credit, which allows you to deduct the tax already paid on the old property from the new tax to be paid, provided it is sold within one year. You can opt for the house to rent mutiara damansara in this matter.

Buying a house: advice, opinions and final considerations

So far we have talked about all the practical information to know when approaching the purchase of a property: we have tried to report all the most important preliminary assessments to know and that we are sure they will get you there and more prepared for the event.

At this point we want to talk to you about the financial advice, opinions and the right tips that you absolutely must take into consideration if you are thinking of buying a property to live in or to invest your assets.

Specifically, we want to talk to you about the following topics:

Mortgage or Rent?

Buying a House It is not an investment.

Where to buy?

Not all cities are the same.

Can we really afford to buy a house? What mortgage to pay?

  • How to control emotions so as not to burn the wallet.
  • My Business Method: what we did and why.
  • Let’s get started right away.

Mortgage or Rent: the eternal dilemma

If you have already decided that buying the property of your dreams is the right choice: we don’t want to convince you otherwise. If, on the contrary, you are still thinking about it and are plagued by the usual dilemma “Rent or Buy?” then we suggest you listen to the episode of the podcast that we leave you below or read my super article dedicated to buying a house . Below we report the advantages and disadvantages of the choice. For more options, you can check out Puchong Kinrara houses for rent.


The property, once you have finished paying, will be yours. This means that, once the installments are over, you will have a fairly high monthly amount left in your pocket. Rent money is almost completely “lost”, unlike that spent on a mortgage, not to mention that the cost of rents has fallen less than house prices. Once purchased, the house can be transformed to your liking and customized according to your needs.

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Written by Jason Hansen