Best condo for sale Selayang for You Now

It is very good when the bedroom windows face east of the condo for sale Selayang or a Selayang apartment while living rooms are preferable to be placed on the west side. This layout coincides with the rhythm of a person’s life, which in turn has a positive effect on his mood, performance and even health. The living space for one person is also of great importance. With a compact layout, this is usually 20 m 2 per person, 25 m 2It is considered very well, and in exclusive projects on the person falls from 40 m 2 or more. However, counting only “naked” square meters is also wrong, because the larger the family, the more compact you can get.

New trend – quarter

In recent years, the quarterly construction principle has become more and more popular, which is more modern and comfortable for residents. The main advantage of the quarterly development is its multi-functionality. Each block has its own parking lot, playgrounds for children of different ages and recreation areas that allow both children and adults to communicate. 

Perfect Options

In addition, there are usually small shops, co-working spaces and cafes within the neighbourhoods where families can come for breakfast on weekends. The quarter turns into a kind of commune that unites people with similar interests belonging to the same social circle, which is considered to be a confirmation of a certain standard of living all over the world. 

Therefore, if you are looking for housing in a new project, you should pay attention to the neighbourhoods under construction and not only because that they offer potentially more convenient infrastructure, but also because residential areas are usually built by developers with more experience and providing a higher quality of work. 

Additional Options

In addition, from the point of view of developers, with the existing prices for construction work, it is more profitable to develop neighbourhoods than one or two houses. Consequently, an economy-class apartment in one of the neighbourhoods is likely to be of better quality than a similarly priced apartment in a conventional apartment building.

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Written by Jason Hansen