Cloud Storage Services in Malaysia: Check Out Alpha Backup System

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What is data? It is basically information that has been translated into some kind of form in order to be transferred with ease from one place to another. It is in every digital thing as it runs in binary digital form. Data is an essential part of any organization. We all deal with gigabytes or terabytes of data on a daily basis does not matter if it’s just a smartphone or even a supercomputer. In the case where you have a lot of files on your computer, it’s likely that your computer will slow down. That will result in bad performance. Although there are numerous external storage solutions available for storing and backing up your data, these devices are not that effective. Anything can happen to it, stolen, damaged, you name all the possibilities. 

cloud storage services malaysia

One of the ways to protect all of your data is through cloud storage use. You do not know what cloud storage is? Cloud storage is a storage area that may be used to store data remotely through private servers. Only you can access it via the internet connection. Users typically pay a monthly or per-consumption cost for the data to be handled, maintained, and backed up remotely. All of that is to keep your data safe and sound. There are a plethora of alternatives when it comes to cloud storage services in Malaysia

Introducing the one and only cloud storage service you need, the Alpha Backup System. Presenting their system, Alto and Siris. Let us start with Alto, the hybrid-type tech. All of your data will be stored with backup disaster recovery or known as BDR and right in Alpha Cloud. Alto will help you in a difficult time for instance when the system is down due to a ransomware attack. You can get everything back, including individual files, as if it were a virtual system. How easy is that? Any upcoming attacks are also will be alerted for you to delete the threats beforehand. 

Siris, on the other hand, can prevent computers from shut down due to data loss. It protects you from any possible harm to your data like disasters, fires, floods, you name it. Their latest series, Siris Private has the capability to prevent the business to use any other third-party app such as the government. It is so easy to use Siris. Well, Siris has two, primary and then the secondary, they are Source Siris and Destination Siris. Only LAN and VLAN needed to power the Siris. The Source Siris will send your data to Destination Siris, the private cloud. Your data could not be safer with the help from these two dynamic systems by Alpha Backup System. 

You see, because they are powered by an x64 Linux server, their enterprise-grade architecture is quite unique. You’ll have access to cutting-edge capabilities and business-building tools. In terms of technology, they’re a data security platform that combines a complex mix of standard and custom applications. It’s a mix of more than three types of hardware, including Apache, KVM, and others. Nothing but the best for your business. Get the best cloud storage service here now. 

Written by Jason Hansen