Wait, I’m blogging about makeup? What the? No don’t get me wrong. I’m not converting into a beauty blogger or anything and no offense to the ones who are. I have nothing against beauty bloggers ever. In fact, I adore them, I idolize them, I salute to them because I know it must be so hard to be writing reviews about everything makeup. Just like what fashion bloggers do for their OOTD shoots. Right?
To be honest, I really know nothing about complicated makeup since I just stick with the basics—powder, eyebrow, lipstick, and blush. So today, I though of sharing my daily makeup (if it really is considered to be) routine to achieve a very simple look. 

1. Eyelash Curler/Curlash – I use this without mascara because I don’t know. I only use one during special events. Lol. And surprisingly, my curled eyelashes even without the mascara last for a while.

2. Maybelline Dipbrow (Medium Brown) – My mom’s friend who stayed in Hong Kong for a while gave it to her and then she gave it to me. It actually comes with an angle brush but I don’t use it anymore since I got my Marionnaud brush already . I really love this product because it’s of the same shade with my hair color and it stays on for a long time. I’ve been looking for this in local stores since it’s almost out but unfortunately I couldn’t find one. *cries*

3. Marionnaud Dual-Sided Brow Brush – I got this from Watsons for only P60 ($1.33). Before I had this, I was using an old mascara brush as an alternative. Lol

4. Careline Blush (Rosy Cheek) – I love how this gives my cheeks a naturalrosy cheek look. People I know ask me what blush I use because it looks so natural.

5. Marionnaud Retractable Blush Brush – I got this together with my brow brush and this one cost me, I think, P150 ($3.33). For a cheap price, I was surprised that it was not like the others which are rough to the skin. It’s soft but not as soft as those expensive and branded ones. But I’m totally fine with it though.

6. Maybelline Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder (Natural) – I’ve been using this powder since college I love it. I’ve had no breakouts the first time I used it and I loved it ever since then.

7. Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick (Barely There) – If you may not know it, I’m a sucker for the safer shades of lipsticks. I’ve tried applying red years ago and gaah how I looked awful. Since then, I stopped fantasizing over red and dark shades and going for the nudes and pinks instead.

8. Shawill Color Gorgeous Lipstick (Variant #001) – I got this lippie just recently and I love it. For only P180 ($3.99), I’m in love! This is what I wear almost everyday to work and on my ootd photos.

Closer look.

Swatches. There you have it! That’s my very simple, quick, and easy makeup routine every single day. How about you? What’s your makeup routine and what products do you love?

Written by Jason Hansen