Dealing With A Mom Butt? Here Is What You Need To Know!

Changing bodies are a normal part of pregnancy and giving birth. Even though pregnancy is a beautiful experience for women, it is also a very difficult one because of the huge changes our body goes through. The lack of knowledge and adequate support regarding a pregnant women’s body has left many feeling vulnerable as they struggle to accept their new mom bodies.

One of the many changes moms experience after pregnancy is the mom butt. Mom butt refers to the changes in the buttocks expectant mothers see, and what they see after giving birth. It can be saggier, fatter, and even less round than it used to be. It is undeniable that our butt shape does take a huge toll on our mental health, especially in days and times where buttocks being curvy is the definition of sexy. Losing our once young and perky butts and breasts can be mentally draining. But let’s learn more about mom butts and what you can do about the change! 

Mom butts are influenced by various factors. From your hormones to your posture and the supportive balance you have all affect your butt. Hormones prepare your body for the prospect of giving birth by stretching the muscles around your buttocks which can visibly cause the saggy change. These changes only take place to make sure your body is prepared to give birth and also making it an easier process for you. The appearance of your butt is the last thing we need to be worried about as our body prepares us for the biggest challenge. 

Another cause of the mom butt is posture. When we are pregnant, especially in our last days and months, we are carrying a whole human in our body. They are fully or almost fully developed and they are heavy. Our body has to accommodate this weight. Carrying around a baby in our tummy requires us to tuck our butt as we walk. It may also cause us to sit more often and rest more too. Our muscle use in the butt is much less and it may cause weakened muscle too. Our posture is heavily changed and this change also causes the overall visible appearance. 

Mom butts are incredibly common but it is easy to also get back into our normal butt shape after giving birth. It requires a little bit of the combination of both nutrition and exercise. Our mindset and mental strength are also important to reshaping our butt. 

Nutrition is important as it determines the type of food involved in muscle gaining rather than fat. Eating more proteins is crucial to redeveloping your weakened muscles and improve your postures. Food like milk, cheese, chicken, legumes, and so many mor calcium and protei sources needs to be stocked up. As for exercises, having a proper regimen that targets your buttocks can make all the difference you need. From doing squats to donkey kicks and even strength training your legs and glutes will tremendously help your figure.  Make sure to have all of your mother care products malaysia to aid this journey! 

Written by Jason Hansen