How To Start An Online Business

The year 2020 may not be the best year for everyone. The disastrous illness that swept across the globe has affected us physically and mentally. Worse comes to worst, we are ought to stay at home, sanitize frequently, comply with social distancing, wear face masks, and many more protocols to obey to minimize the risk of widespread infection. It can be detrimental to self-isolate for too long, and many people have lost their job because of the pandemic. Therefore, the rise of online businesses shows no sign of stopping in the midst of it to survive the ordeal. 

Unless you consider pursuing your career at mlm software malaysia company, here are 5 ways to start your online business from scratch:

  1. Find A Niche That Suits Your Business 

So, what would it be? Health and beauty, food and beverages, fashion, or crafting services? Before you open your business, make sure you set up the foundation to begin your business. Find the right product to sell while considering its potential market value and its possibility to gain profitability. Also, do a deep research of different niches and analyze should there be any problems that can be solved.

  1. Determine The Nature Of Your Business

Determine your type of online business. There are many kinds to choose from, but you can choose only one. Lock-on what is your business nature and what you want to sell before officially initiating your grand opening. Be it selling physical products (phone accessories, room decor), digital products (e-book), offering services that you are skilled in doing like photography, or doing commissions like custom embroidery. 

Have a clear vision and mission of your business as well! Ask yourself the purpose of your business besides the products you would like to sell and what kind of method are you going to conduct your business.

  1. Register Your Business To The SSM

As excited as you are to start your very own business, it is a crucial step to register with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) to validate and legalize your online business status. Figure out the type of business you are going to operate; sole proprietor, partnership, or company. The whole process is not as difficult as it appears, so there is no need to fret.

  1. Create Your Very Own Website And Shop

Your online business paperwork is done and you are eager to get your product out there. Firstly, you need a marketing platform to do the deed for your products to be well-known to the public. Easy, set up a website and shop boasting your aesthetics and niche of your business and your products on display. Also, do not forget customer service for that good reviews.

  1. Start Advertising And Promoting Your Products

If your products are at a minimal profit, that is okay. It is normal for new businesses to start slow. This is where search engines come to light. With smart knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), Google and Bing can rank up your website to the front pages (or better, the first page) for onlookers to surf your website and scroll through your products. You will never know if the customer count will grow big.

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Written by Jason Hansen