How To Use A Penis Extender

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Long-term increase in penis size depends on the proper use of the penis extender. Thus, it is advisable to wear the device at least 6 to 8 hours per week, with at least one day per week without wearing it. The ideal is still to wear it twice a day, two hours at each port. During the first few days, wearing the extender can cause a feeling of discomfort which subsides after you get used to it. This is why you should not wear more than four hours a day during the first weeks. Each sex toy online Malaysia manufacturer has certain specific indications which are explained in the instructions for use. It is important to read them carefully before you start using an expander.

Putting the expander in place is pretty straightforward. It is only necessary to define a few of the elements, among those present in the box, which provide the most comfort. Indeed, the recommended models include several plastic rings and other pads that will really improve the feeling of comfort. After having installed the base of the extender on the penis, ideally when it is semi-erect, it suffices to install the second ring at the end of the penis. Finally, it is advisable to adjust the tension thanks to the dedicated rods.

Tension Adjustment

Precisely, the tension adjustment is what can seem too complicated during the first days. Only one watchword is to be given: if there is a sensation of pain, it is because the tension is too strong. Thus, it is advisable to start with a tension that will not exceed 800 grams the first week. Then, every week or every fortnight, depending on the number of weekly hours of use, it is possible to increase this tension, no more than 100 or 200 additional grams each time.

Finally, it is important to maintain the expander regularly. To do this, simply rinse the device with hot water after each use and wash it in soapy water once or twice a week, in addition to cleaning with a personal hygiene disinfectant once a month.

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Written by Jason Hansen