They say when you’ve already become parents, the luxury of spending quality couple time tends to slow down and eventually dies down. And it’ll become so hard to remember how it felt like to be just the two of you. And I would NEVER want that to happen to Sheen and I. We may have schedule conflicts and budget constraints most of the times but we always make it to a point to spend time together even if it’s simply having lunch or dinner date, going home together, or doing groceries together. A few weeks ago, we decided to have lunch since I also had work that day. So we went to Lantaw Native Restaurant in Busay, at the top of Cebu.

Lantaw Native Restaurant is just a few minutes away from the city where you can enjoy your dining experience with a breathtaking view of Cebu. Dining al fresco at its best! Sheen and I arrived at Lantaw just in time for lunch and there were still a few customers. Hooray for photo opportunities! Upon arriving, we were asked if we had a reservation but we didn’t. But since there were just a few customers, we were immediately accommodated. A quick tip for you guys is to make a reservation ahead of time because they become fully-booked especially during dinner.

How about that scenic view!

Ginataang Monngo – P120. Sheen and I loved their Ginataang Monggo because the gata (coconut milk) was very rich in flavour but not too thick. Sheen isn’t a fan of thick sauces and the like.

Butter Fried Chicken  – P150. Actually we initially ordered their whole Lechon Manok but we were informed (a bit too late and we were becoming so hungry already!) that it wasn’t available so we ordered their butter fried chicken. I found it quite expensive for a five-piece chicken dish and the cuts were so tiny! Good thing that despite the price and tiny serving, it was delicious.

Lechon Kawali – P185. Native dining experience will not be complete without ordering lechon kawali. It’s a common Pinoy favorite and my ultimate favorite! Haha! However, I was disappointed with this one because the other cuts were undercooked and they still had this flour-y flavour. While other cuts were tough. The papaya salad on the side was too dry as well. Sad.

(L) Green Mango Shake – P80. (R) Piña Colada Shake – P80. Their fruit shakes were delicious and refreshing but I think it was quite expensive for the serving size. What do you think? Hehe.

Lantaw Native Restaurant is indeed the best place to choose for a romantic date with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s also perfect for family, business, and barkada gatherings. Sheen and I had a great lunch date as it has been a while since we enjoyed one. Looking forward to more dates with you dear (I know you’re reading this)! xo

Lantaw Native Restaurant
Busay, Cebu CityContact Nos.: 511-0379 / 09339505323
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 11AM – 11PM

Written by Jason Hansen