If there is one thing I lack in myself, that would be confidence. A few years back, I never knew what fashion and style meant. I was the shirt-and-jeans kind of girl. Until I found the world of blogging that I started to admire people who dress up. That’s when the word style meant something to me.


Back in college, I created a personal blog out of curiosity but I loved it along the way. I was not very open about it because I was already sneered at by the people I know. However, now that I slightly grew a maturity bone in me, I finally opened up about what I really love to do. And instead of being mocked at, I was surprised that the people dear to me now, supported me. But of course, Sheen would be my number one supporter. He actually takes my outfit shots and even tells me how to pose. Hah! Now I have realized, that it really feels good to know that the people surrounding you accept you for who you truly are and what you are passionate about.


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Thrifted Crop Top | Stiles Clothing Skort | DIY Snapback | Avon Bag
Remember the famous Princess Diaries line? No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. I realized that for me to lift my self-esteem up, I should not let other people bring me down. We should never let the other people’s opinions define us. Remember that you should not apologize for being yourself. So live on and be yourself.

Written by Jason Hansen