Though I wasn’t really asked what apps I use for editing my photos that I publish on Instagram, I just thought I’d share this to you guys. Also, I know this kind of post has been too mainstream but the heck I care. Lol. So here are the top (or let’s say only) five favorite apps that I use every time I post photos on my Instagram account (follow me!). Enjoy!

1. VSCO Cam – Of course, this is my most favorite app. I love everything about it—editing tools, user-friendliness, and the presets of course! Hypebeast is my favorite filter!

2. Afterlight – I got this app just recently and I must say I’m in love! This is my second go-to app when I can’t seem to find any filter on VSCO that I feel fit for the photo. Hehe. Bright Fire and Idaho are my favorite filters!

3. Snapseed – This is where I usually edit my photos when I want something more for my photo. At first, I was struggling on how to use this app especially when tuning the image but I’m already quite learning it now. It’s quite a complicated app (for me) especially when I read Laureen Uy‘s post on how she edits her Instagram photos using this app. I don’t use any of the filters offered by Snapseed, but nonetheless, it’s a great app to use especially when you want to play and experiment more.

4. Instagram – Of course I use Instagram’s own editing tools and filters. I love how the photo sharing app itself has evolved and offered its users more features and filter choices for editing photos. I use their editing tools when I feel like the photo doesn’t need much filter and tweaking. But, Ludwig, I should say, is my new favorite filter (it was Valencia at first)!


5. Photo Grid – This app, of course, I use for making collages and sometimes mirror photos! Photo Grid is the only collage-making app that I stuck with because the others were meh. And you can apply good filters on photos too!
And that’s it! Are you guys using the same apps too? Do you have any other apps aside from the five I mentioned? Tell me and maybe I can try them too!



Written by Jason Hansen