Hello everyone! To get everything started, I would like to proudly announce that after a year I have finally decided to move on from Tumblr to here… permanently. Yes, my blog, Lime Life, now has a new home and I love it! I’ve got a lot of plans for this blog to make it grow because I just love everything about blogging. I hope you guys stay tuned for the coming updates and more changes!


And to my Tumblr friends, readers, and followers, of course I would not leave you guys as I would still keep my Tumblr blog active. Sometimes we just have to change and move on for the better. *wink*

Moving forward, if you were wondering why I entitled this welcome post as Persona, well basically because persona per se is an aspect of one’s role or character. In other words, this blog would pretty sum up my life as a person, as a mother, as partner, and as a friend. My life in a nutshell, that’s what they say.


On a different note, how do you like the print of this skirt? This is actually one of my favorite skirts in my wardrobe now (not that I have a lot too choose from though, lol).

My persona during weekdays is someone who wears Business Casual outfits as my work requires me to do so. More often than not, it stresses me out every time I think about what to wear the next day. But I have learned the trick! Sometimes you just have to put on your creative hat and do the magic of mixing, matching, and wearing pieces in different ways! 

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Fab Top, The Zee Shop Blazer and Skirt, SM Accessories Necklace, Five and Co. Wedges, Secosana Bag
P.S. I hope you guys like Lime Life’s new home and lets get in touch! <3

Written by Jason Hansen