Should You Become An Architect?

Ever wondered what it was like for the folks at arkitek firm in Malaysia? Architects get to build, draw, challenge themselves, be creative and build for a living. Architecture is more than the profession of drawing a layout. No, architects design the lives we dream and they make sure our dreams become a reality. Your simple house of blocks and cement can become a mansion on a tiny piece of land, once an architect works their magic. 

The question is though, as appealing this profession is, should you become an architect? Do you have what it takes? While this profession promises us a great deal of income potential, it does take a certain level of creativity and commitment. So here are some qualities you should check within yourself to see if you should become an architect.

  • You are a creative person with a passion to create

This is a given. You should have a passion for creating things. Architects deal with the most intricate of details and they are creative with every one of them. They have to challenge themselves every day to rise to the occasion and do better than yesterday. 

Creativity should never stop flowing and you should be instinctively committed to the creativity flowing in you. You are the type of person who wants to design and showcase your art through the lens of science in this world. Sign up for architecture because this is one of the professions where the majority of the work is simply utilizing your left side of the brain, the artistic side, and the creative one. 

  • You are an excellent problem solver.

As much as you need creativity in the aspect of design, you also need the same creativity for problem-solving. Architects love to solve problems. We pay for the solution they give to us. Problems will come for you at every step of the way when you are trying to satisfy your client’s needs. It can become a hassle, but your problem-solving skills will move you high up in your career. 

  • You are observational 

An architect notices the entire world. When we look at a coffee shop, we see the aesthetics. Architects notice every bit of the flaws and perfection. They see what could have been done right. They notice how the lighting emphasizes the food, how the coffee smells disperse in the room, and how flowy is the room structure. They notice colour, patterns, and people’s behavior and reaction around them. An architect never stops noticing. As I said, they put creative effort into the simplest of details because they realize even the smallest flaw can change how people perceive the building.

  • You want to build lives 

When you are an architect, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and pleasure of thousands passing in the building you design. Their feelings and values matter to you. The symbolization of the architecture is a personal matter for you. Being an architect never gets boring. You simply enjoy transforming lives and helping others achieve their dream. While the rest of the world cannot put a figure to the building the dream of, you sketch it, build it, multiply and elevate it. 

So ask yourself these questions. Are you observational, smart, creative, and reckoning to be an inspiration to others? Can you imagine yourself building an architectural marvel such as the Petronas twin towers

If yes, then I truly hope you are doing all you can to pursue your dream as an architect. 

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Written by Jason Hansen