Each year since 2003, Starbucks Philippines bring their ever loyal and even new customers a delightful Christmas treat with their limited edition planners. Few years back, I didn’t even know what a planner or even Starbucks was. I was naive back then honestly. Last year, when I started working did I just know about this Starbucks promo but I did not patronize it just yet. I was just curious back then on why people spend much buying the overpriced coffee just to get the planner. However this year, I decided to join the bandwagon (whew I’ve been joining the bandwagon much lately) and tried collecting the stickers needed to redeem the said planner. So why the sudden change of heart?

If you have read my previous post, you’ll have the idea. If the situation was different now, most probably my life would be more spontaneous. But no, everything becomes a little more different when you’re already trying to build your own family at a young age. Sheen and I have to plan everything out for our future. We have a LOT to think about, consider, and prioritize. Zayn and his future, engagement, wedding, house, marriage… ugh. So yeah, I decided to grab a planner so I can write down everything we want to achieve for next year and even the next few years. But why the Starbucks planner of all when I can directly buy one from a bookstore at a cheaper price?

If you’re a Starbucks fan or consumer you’ll understand the words, “Starbucks experience“. No offense intended but let’s be honest here. Some people don’t just (or really) buy their overpriced coffee, they buy the experience. Maybe some of you won’t understand but I don’t care. Starbucks fanatics don’t care. Haha! However, I care about spending my money. So how did I get the planner? Well, I’ve got friends who treat themselves with a Starbucks coffee every once in while so I let them bring my sticker card for the stickers to add up. Huzzah it wasn’t me who filled all the stickers (well I had a share of at least 5 stickers). It was them! Haha! I got my planner, they got their coffee and experience. It was a win-win situation. Hahahaha!

This is the first ever planner that I have and I’m itching to write my dreams and goals already. But before that, let me share to you what’s something special about the 2015 Starbucks Philippines Planners.
First – there are four available planners in colors red, green, black, and brown with water-resistant covers;Second – the planner is placed inside an easy seal bag with a cute design and can be reused in many ways;Third – a chalk marker and a highlighter comes with the planner for free;Fourth – you can write your name on the name tag plate using the marker;Fifth – a metallic bookmark also comes with the planner for free;Lastly – there are 15 coupons with Starbucks treats available which you can share with your family, friends, and loved ones.

The pages are so cute and customized as well so who wouldn’t want to write on it? And plus points for the highlighter which amazingly smells like coffee!!!
So, are you planning to grab one as well? You can still collect stickers until January 8, 2015 and redemption of planners are until March 8, 2015. More details on how to get one of the limited edition planners on their website and Facebook page.

Written by Jason Hansen