Taking Care Of Our Sea

The sea is very important to all of us. Did you know that 71% of the surface of the earth is made from the sea? And 90% of living creatures on this planet depend on the sea? Many people lack this acknowledgment of how important it is to take care of our sea because obviously, the sea seems endless, and we think that the resources we have in the sea are continuous. But actually, we are unconsciously damaging the sea. We have marine solution Malaysia who works in the middle of the sea, coming back and telling stories of how polluted our sea is. There are many ways we could take care of our sea. 

We all know how much people love spending their time and going to the beach, whether it is on public holidays or normal weekdays. But every time they left, the beaches were always filled with so much rubbish from the picnics, and plastic floating on the water. The tide rises at night and sometimes it collects all the rubbish along, which leads the rubbish to be in the middle of the sea. Some fishes and living creatures in the sea, found dead and floating with their faces stuck in the plastics, not being able to breathe. Click here to read more.

Take Care Of The Beaches

Every time each family or group leaves the beach, they must at least carry 3 pieces of rubbish in their hands from the waterway, beach, or anywhere. This method encourages other people as well to take care of the beach by taking the rubbish home. Other than that, it is strongly advised, to not take or move the rocks or corals from the beach, basically do not interfere with the wildlife or the ocean. 

Limit Your Impact

Plastic is known to take the longest time to be disposed of, that is why nowadays, the government strictly informs the citizens to use their recycle bags. Anything that has to do with plastics is now being controlled as it leaves many bad effects on our marine’s lives.

Buy Sustainable Products

There are also many kinds of jewelry that are being sold on the market based on the products made from turtles, sharks, and corals. Some people actually enjoyed purchasing these pieces of jewelry not knowing how much these animals and sea creatures are suffering from their preferences and desires. There are so many other things you can enjoy in this life, so hold yourself from buying these kinds of pieces of jewelry.

To conclude, these effects can already be seen clearly now through our televisions, social media, advertisements and so much more. Although it is far too obvious, not so many people take the initiatives to change to make the world a better place for our younger generations. The ignorant behaviors seem to be one of the biggest reasons why these people would not do anything simply because they do not see it as one bad sign. Nevertheless, I hope that people will be able to see because if not, we all would have to deal with the consequences and trust me, that it is not going to be easy and nice.

Written by Jason Hansen