The Drawbacks of Buying a Property without the Assistance of a Real Estate Agent

If you are planning to buy a property in any part of Malaysia like in Sri Hartamas or Sentul, you should consider hiring a real estate agent. Yes, of course you have to pay for the services, but trust me, not doing so is a pain in the neck. 

For those who think that they can just buy a property without the help of a broker, you should check this out:

  • It will be hard for you to bargain for a particular property since you might not have enough knowledge when it comes to the current market of properties in the first place. That means, you won’t even know if the property is too costly or not. How can you convince the seller to lower the price, like what will be your solid reason for bargaining? 
  • Bargaining for a price is definitely easier said than done. But for the brokers, this is already a routine for them. They can easily reason out why the price should be lowered as they have in-depth knowledge about the industry. They know how to strike a deal using the information they gather. 
  • The amount of paperwork involved when buying a property is more than you can imagine and some of them are hard to obtain for someone who have never experienced doing it ever since. Yes, and if you will really try to do this, chances are the process will take longer than it should be and there is even time that you will miss work more. In the end, you can say that it will be more affordable if you have decided to hire a broker. 
  • The last but not the least is the fact that brokers are usually well connected. That is right and if you are backed up by someone who is well connected, life will be easier for you while buying a property. Everything will go on quickly as the broker can right away find a way to fetch whatever it is that you will probably need.

You see, you might consider this absurd, but it is actually more cost-effective if you will just hire a broker. That is right as the broker might be able to bargain a better price, aside from the fact that he may also be able to finish the deal in a lot shorter time. 

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Written by Jason Hansen