Last week, Sheen and I had a random Saturdate. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll notice a photo of us followed by a few photos of this new cafe in town. I am so loving my hometown already as it has become a home of pastry and dessert places! Moving on, this new dessert station called Treat Street Cafe is not like your average cafe. They’ve got unique treats that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Treat Street Cafe offers you something you surely haven’t tried yet such as Spicy Lechon Pie(who would’ve imagined the famous lechon or roasted pig in a pie?)Treat Street Pie(their signature dessert), and Green Tea Black Sesame cake (now isn’t that interesting for people who want their cake not too sweet?). What’s even better about Treat Street Cafe is that their dessert and coffee won’t hurt your pocket!

Chocolate Walnut Pie – P70/slice. Your traditional chocolate walnut pie with a shot of bourbon. This however, was my least favorite. I’m just not a fan of walnuts, sorry. Haha!

Iced Cafe Latte – P100. Well I must say they serve great coffee as well! If you didn’t know, I am a coffee lover. But no, that doesn’t mean I drink black coffee. Lol.

5th Avenue Chocolate Cake – P105. Treat Street’s signature chocolate cake with a smooth truffle filling. I am a sucker for chocolate cakes as well! This was even the one I finished first!

Iced Cafe Mocha – P110. Tastes just like the Iced Cafe Latte but the latter tastes sweeter.

Mango Cheesecake – P95/slice. Your usual cheesecake made only with the best tasting mangoes in Cebu. This, I must say, is the best mango cheesecake I have tasted evaaaah! Haha!

Red Velvet a la Mode – P120. And this too! You’ve heard of a warm brownie cup right? A warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream? Now this Red Velvet a la Mode is just like that. At the bottom is a really yummy red velvet cake topped with vanilla ice cream, red velvet sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Heaven! No wonder this is their best seller.

We had a really great time at Treat Street Cafe and we will definitely be back to try their other cakes as well. Yet another FULLfilling date with the boyf! Fellow Cebuanos, you should try it there too! Bring your friends, hangout, and chitchat over their yummy cakes and coffee. *wink*

Treat Street Cafe

2nd Flr, Ayala Center Cebu Expansion Wing(near Muji)

Written by Jason Hansen