Why Buying A Townhouse Is A Good Idea

If you are searching for a property to buy, I can say I have quite a lot of experience in that sector. I would suggest to buy a townhouse. Why? Because I live in a townhouse myself! There are many benefits on why you should choose a townhouse.

Nowadays, if you want to own a house for your family, there is no need to go through a lot of hassle buying a lot then having your house built. That is not how it is done in this modern time. Well, if you have a lot, good for you, but if you still have to buy it, why not just buy an already built house or contact a real estate agent and look for housing projects that are still in the preselling stage. Doing so will give you the opportunity to buy property seni mont kiara condo kl as this is the time when the property is most affordable.

Yes, so, if you decide to buy a property in Malaysia, what type would you choose? There are different types of properties. You can choose a condo, an apartment type, a detached or an attached property like in a townhouse. You can check out the properties and buy pantai hillpark for rent. In this article, we will enumerate the many benefits if you choose a townhouse property.

1. Cheaper option

For those families who are looking for a cheaper option when deciding to buy a property in Malaysia, an attached unit is definitely the answer. Why it is cheaper? Because a smaller piece of lot can accommodate many units already, since each of the unit has common walls with the other units. Not only that the land is saved in this manner, but also the materials for that matter.

g residence kl housing area is common in cities where vacant lots are hardly available. And since most of us would rather choose a property at the epicenter of almost everything, this should be the best choice.

2. Interior/exterior ownership

Unlike when you buy a condo, where you are only assured with the interior area as the rest will be for every condo unit owner, with a townhouse, you also have a portion of the exterior area. Well, the one in front of you is yours for disposal. When you buy property for sale g residence kl, you can renovate the exterior area of your unit and have it as your parking area and the rest will be up to you if you put potted plants or maybe, for your laundry hangers. The bottom line is, you will have an exterior space as part of the sale.

3. You can do whatever you want

Yes, a townhouse is most of the time govern by the HOA, however, as long as you abide by the rules, you can still do whatever you want with your own place, which is not the case with a condo. With a condo, you are restricted to deal only with the interior area of your unit as the exterior part is not yours anymore. But with a townhouse, you have a say with whatever you want to do like if you decorate it, you install parking area with a roof and so on. Besides, with the properties in seni mont kiara condo kuala lumpur for sale, whatever decision they have, that is voted on, you can also raise your voice as it is an organization in which you are also a part of. Of course, the majority wins most of the time.

4. Minimal maintenance

When you buy a detach property, it would be like you are on your own. The maintenance will be completely yours to shoulder. That might still be the case with an attached unit, but because of the fact that you share walls with the other owners, your covered maintenance is then reduced. For maintenance at g residence kl room for rent , when it comes to the entire townhouse, the maintenance costs will be distributed as you are still a part of a community.

5. Lower entry cost

Yes, you will pay less if you choose a condo, but there is a big difference to the space, so you can still say that a condo is a lot more expensive. If you compare this to a detach unit, without a doubt, an attached one is a lot cheaper as again, it is because of the limitations of the land. With a townhouse, you don’t need to drain your savings which is actually not a good idea as you never know when an emergency will occur. So, if your budget is limited, you can just choose a unit in a townhouse. You can already get the same space inside the property and a more affordable cost at that.

6. Good option for reselling

If you have a plan for reselling, like maybe you plan to move into a bigger unit, townhouses are easier to deal with. Yes, because many would buy property seni mont kiara condo as it is a more advantageous option, you can also expect that this sells faster than the other types of properties. Moreover, it is adviced to buy property for sale g residence klcc which can be marketed to small families, to bachelors and even to those who are just looking for a rental property. So, at the end of the day, there is really nothing to lose if you choose to buy a a unit in a townhouse compared to the other types. And if you want to really sell it bigger, you can invest on a good soundproofing materials!

7. Buy property at seni mont kiara condo for rent kl so you do not have to be bothered with the other areas of the exterior part of your unit

As mentioned above, every townhouse unit will have his own exterior part but it is not that much as the other areas will be communal. It goes without saying that you will not have a responsibility about it unless your association will decide to contribute a certain amount for some projects. But properties in seni mont kiara for sale are usually available most of the time, there is really no need for that as your monthly contribution will be used to cover such things. So, most of the time, you really have to only deal with your own unit.

8. Perfect for a busy family

Because you have less to tend to, without most of the exterior responsibilities taken away, you will have more time to deal with your busy schedules. There will be no overflowing chores that might hold you back or cause you to think absentmindedly while working. You could also have your ‘me’ time at Treat Street Cafe or have dinner with your loved ones at Lantaw Native Restuarant

But if you have the means, if you think you can still comfortably by a detach unit, then why not. The bottom line here is, it is still okay if you choose to buy a unit from a townhouse.

Written by Jason Hansen