Why We Need Equity Instead Of Equality

Why We Need Equity Instead Of Equality

As people know, we live in a society where not everyone gets what they need or gets what they deserve. forex trading in malaysia in a good way and some in a bad way. Thus, we always preach about getting the same things, in other words, equality. However, people do not realize that to get to equality, we must achieve equity first. There is a significant difference between equality and equity, no matter how small a difference, still a difference. How is it different? Well by definition, equality means to give fair treatment inclusive of fair amount, number, measure or quantity. Sounds nice right? But that’s not what we need right now. Equity by definition means to provide similar opportunities while taking into consideration the different starting points. Basically giving more to those who need it instead of giving the equal amount to those who need it and those who already have more.

For instance, imagine there are two cups, one is filled halfway and the other is filled only a quarter, which is a whole quarter less. So to apply equality is to pour the same amount of water into both cups. To apply equity is to fill the lesser cup to achieve equal volume for both and only then attempt to give the same amount of water. Do you see the picture? If we applied equality first, the other cup would still have more water.

In The Working Environment

So, similar to the cup of water situation, women in the working environment already get less than what men get. Lesser pays but more work. A woman once told a story about what happened at her workplace where she applied for a raise since she was doing more work. However, she was denied the raise due to the reason of, “the other men’s egos will be hurt”. She was told to get the men to do work harder like her so that everyone could get a raise. But the bigger picture is she would still be paid less. This is a big problem since we’re already living in the 21st century yet people still have the mindset of the 19th century, where women get treated like they are lesser than men. Even women who work as managers or CEOs, or even those who work within the trusted broker forex industry, will be seen as lower positions than the positions that men possess. This just shows how sexist society actually is. Also, there is no way of denying this because it is seen everywhere.

In Societal Sense

A big percentage of our society still thinks that women should not be allowed to work. Not just that but women are looked down upon for doing things that men do. For instance, when women want to try something out of societal norms, they are made fun of and brought down because they “are not meant” to be doing that. And this time, this applies to men as well. A little boy decides that he wants to play with barbies and wear dresses and he is made fun of for being girly. No one can just do anything these days. It’s like we’re going back in time instead of progressing forward.

Thus, this is why we need equality instead of equity. To provide more for those who need it instead of catering to everyone equally. Yes, treatment will not be the same but it will be fair.

Written by Jason Hansen