5 reasons to study Videogame Design and Development

Most of the professionals who started developing videogames in the beginning, back in the 80s, did so without having specific training; being engineers, programmers, or artists who adapted their training and knowledge to the few tools that existed for microcomputers and 8-bit consoles of the time.

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Anyone who wanted to dedicate himself to the development of video games in any of its main areas design, programming, or art, had no choice but to opt for less specialized careers, such as Computer Engineering or Fine Arts, and make an extra effort to acquire the specific skills, either self-taught or through non-regulated training.

Since that inception, the sector has undergone an absolute transformation. Not only is there training totally oriented to video game development, but also specific tools, as well as development kits and environments, democratizing and opening the doors to the creation of video games to practically anyone.

The video game sector enjoys high employability

The video game industry in Malaysia has not stopped growing at any time. There are more and more players, more launches, more platforms, and more activities. In other words, it is a sector that increasingly needs more and better resources and, of course, more and better professionals.

The skills acquired are applicable to other industries that have nothing to do with interactive entertainment

The skills required to develop a video game and the technologies used in the process completely transcend other sectors.

This means that, for example, a video game development professional specialized in the programming branch could work without problem developing applications for mobile devices, artificial intelligence systems, or machine learning for the financial sector or in any other field where a programmer is required.

Develop the skills that best suit your profile

Although there are cases of video games that have been developed by a single person – as has happened with Undertale, it is not the most common. Even in the independent field, it is normal for a balanced development team to consist of at least one member who specializes in each of the main areas: programming, design, and art.

In the Official Degree in Videogame Design and Development at Widad, students go through a first-year where the foundations of these three branches are consolidated. From the second year, the specialization of each student begins to be defined. And already in the third and fourth year, the study plan is fully adapted to each profile, with specific subjects for the three specializations.

If you are clear that your professional development involves going out to discover the world, the video game sector puts it on a silver platter! Of course, it is absolutely necessary to have a good level of English, and that is why the Degree in Video Game Design and Development includes this subject in its study plan.

Sekiranya anda hendak melanjutkan pelajaran, anda boleh mempertimbangkan kolej Malaysia untuk pengajian perniagaan.

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Written by Jason Hansen