Lime & Life is a life and style blog where topics generally range from fashion, beauty, food, personal tips, travel, and personal life. If you think your product or business is relevant to my blog’s content and my readers, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at

Lime & Life is open to business and all kinds of collaboration, sponsored posts, giveaways, event invitations, product/shop/restaurant features, reviews, sponsorship offers, and other kinds of advertising.


One-time articles published on Lime Life written by Lime & Life. I only accept topics that are in line with my blog’s theme. Reference articles for the post are also appreciated. Posts will not be deleted and shall remain as long as Lime & Life exists.


I would love to wear an article of clothing, accessories, and other items for an outfit post or review as long as it reflects my personal style and something that my readers find relevant yet interesting. Anything sent to me for a feature or review will be labeled as C/O to indicate that it is a “courtesy of” item. The feature shall be made within 2 WEEKS after receiving the item/s. The banner of your business/product will be placed on my sidebar permanently.


I would give my honest opinion, findings, and experiences in the product/s provided to me. The views and my opinions on my review will not be influenced by the compensation received if there is any. The banner of your business/product will also be placed on my sidebar permanently. The product/s sent to me must be a non-returnable free sample. The review shall be made after four weeks (at least) of using the product/s. I shall not accept product review offers and write an honest and detailed review if I only have a few days worth of product to use.


I would love to host a giveaway for you! Each giveaway will be presented in one blog post together with a feature about your shop/business. The giveaway will be hosted via Rafflecopter and the winner/s will be chosen from the same application. It will also be promoted through my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Included in the mandatory mechanics of the giveaway is to follow your site and social media as well as my blog’s. The banner of your shop/business will also be placed on my sidebar until the end of the giveaway.


I also accept banner and button advertisements on my sidebar and header. Each ad space will run for two (2) months.
*250px 250px (square) – $15
*250px 450px (vertical rectangle) – $20
*728px 90px (leaderboard) – $25


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