Butterbean is commonly known for its delectable cookies and brownies so when I knew that they opened their own dessert cafe, I’ve been dying to visit ever since! What made me more excited was when I knew they had this Create-Your-Own Ice Cream Bar. However, I never had the chance to visit the cafe. Last week, while Sheen and I were strolling in Ayala Center Cebu, I reacted like a kid who has long been deprived of her favorite ice cream when I saw that Butterbean has finally opened a stall!!! I was overly excited to be honest! I didn’t have second thoughts to go and finally satisfy my ice cream fantasy!

Butterbean also offers delectable cakes and pastries. I honestly wanted to try them but I was more eager to try the ice cream! Maybe I will when I come back!

This is their array of specialty ice cream and what we got was the Blueberry Cheesecake. single scoop of ice cream costs P75double scoop costs P125, and triple scoop ice cream costs P195.

Now let’s get down on creating your own ice cream bar! There are four quick steps in creating your Butterbean Ice Cream:

1. Choose your ice cream bar flavor. There are four available flavors: VanillaChocolateStrawberry, and Green Tea. I saw on the other blogs that you’re allowed to choose your ice cream bar shape but we didn’t experience that. We were only asked what flavor we wanted and poof. That was it.

2. Choose your Chocolate Coating. There are three available chocolate coatings: Dark ChocolateMilk Chocolate, and White Chocolate.

3. Choose your toppings. Depending on what toppings are available, you can choose up to three.

4. Choose your drizzle. The available drizzles are the same as the chocolate coating: Dark ChocolateMilk Chocolate, and White Chocolate.


Mine: Regular Vanilla Ice Cream Bar, Dark Chocolate Coating, Marshmallow and Dried Mango Toppings, Milk Chocolate Drizzle – P110

Sheen’sRegular Strawberry Ice Cream Bar, Dark Chocolate Coating, Chocolate Chip Toppings, Dark Chocolate Drizzle – P120

BothSingle Scoop Blueberry Cheesecake Specialty Ice Cream – P75
Sheen and I both loved our ice cream creations and I can’t wait to create another one! Haha! The Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream was unforgettable as well. It was the one I finished first because it was really, really delicious! We will surely be back and have another sweet treat at Butterbean! Were you able to try the Butterbean frenzy as well? Yes? Tell me your story! But if not, you better try now! xo

Butterbean Desserts & Cafe

3rd Level Ayala Center Cebu (near Digital Walker and Yellowcab Pizza)

Written by Jason Hansen