How To Deal With Living Away From Family And Friends 


We all struggled with loneliness during this pandemic. Some of us were separated from our parents while others had to spend a year apart from their spouses and kids. Living away from your close family and friends can take a huge toll on you. Especially if you come from a tight-knit family. The separation becomes an emotional turmoil for many people. However, there are so many things we can do to cope with this separation. Living all the way in the comfort of Putrajaya is not a reason why we still can cope with the physical distance of our loved ones in another city. 

Connection to our loved ones have never been easier because of technology. Embracing technology and the digital age is one of the best things we can do for our relationships.  Technology has enabled us to stay in touch with our loved ones 24 hours a day, no matter where we are. Even in the most restricted and strictest of lockdowns we can just call and hear their voice. However, phone calls are not the only thing that helps you keep in touch. Sometimes long-distance phone calls are simply not enough. Even the video call is not enough. This is where we need to take an extra step with social media apps and other media gadgets. Social media has allowed us to show our partners and family members true little moments of the day. It does not matter if we are sending them a tiny video of pouring coffee into the mug or babysitting our niece, these little videos of the day can make us feel a lot closer. Social media also allows us to bond in a funny manner, through games, filters, and stickers. Both adults and kids can enjoy it to bond and have fun with their long-distance cousins. 


Embracing technology is not always easy for our elderly parents but we have come a long way in the pandemic. Parents have gotten used to communicating with their kids over the phone but they cannot possibly reach us all the time through the phone calls either. This is where scheduled phone calls and group calls come in. if your siblings are far away from one another, weekly or even monthly group calls are a chance for all of them to get together and ease the loneliness. 

When dealing with separation we also worry about the health of our loved ones. If your parents are unhealthy and the pandemic made it impossible to travel, it is important that we arrange some other caretaker in advance. Someone that we trust and love. Having them taken care of eases the anxiety and the discomfort we are experiencing.  

Taking care of our loneliness is also hard when your friends are miles away and the fun hangouts have come to an immediate halt. So for our own happiness and sanity, it is important that we do our best to take care of our mental health. A monthly session with a therapist or indulging in our favorite hobbies is one way to overcome the burden of being away from our loved ones. 

Written by Jason Hansen