Yesterday, we had a team lunch out (yay!) and it was unanimously decided that we try Japanese food this time. I, myself is an avid fan of Asian cuisine and this new food adventure definitely thrilled me!

Tokyo Table is one of the many known Japanese restaurants here in Cebu that offers a good buffet dining experience in an honestly stylish environment with a serene ambiance.

Upon entering, a huge wood or bamboo (?) artwork would catch your attention together with this cute figurine. But of course, we were warmly greeted as we entered the restaurant and their waitresses were actually very welcoming and helpful when we were trying to set the tables good for 25 people. Good and professional customer service, check! Now let’s get down to the food.

As the restaurant itself is very spacious, the buffet spread was really huge. One side were all the raw meat such as beef, pork, chicken, ham, and more that are available for grilling. The other side was for the other Asian dishes such as Vegetable Dumplings, Nido Soup, Lemongrass Chicken, Milk Fried Chicken, Bangus Belly Steak, Chicken Mushroom, and a lot more. Then there’s a corner where you can create your own salad and another corner for dimsum dishes. Makis and sashimis in different varieties are in the Japanese section. And gosh, of course I could not miss their dessert section where they serve ice cream and do-it-yourself halo-halo! Lastly, there’s a separate section where you can get yourself unlimited fill of lemonades, iced tea, and sodas. Oh how I love dining in buffet restaurants!

This is my do-it-yourself green salad. I’m not a really sucker for salads so here I just stuck with the simple and basic salad — green lettuce, hard boiled eggs, toasted bread, and Thousand Island dressing.

I actually enjoyed the grilling session and congratulations to us the meat weren’t burnt! Haha!

Korean Beef Barbecue. This is my favorite among all the dishes I have tried. Will not miss this out if I ever go back for the second time.

On my plate are the following: Korean Beef BarbecueTempuraCalifornia MakiSiomaiPhiladelpia RollMilk Fried Chicken, and Twic Cooked Pork in Miso Sauce.

Strawberry Ice Cream! I really enjoyed this as I loved how I can feel the strawberry bits. Strawberry lover here!

Wow! It was truly a FULLfilling food adventure and of course looking forward to the next! Hope you enjoyed reading this photo-heavy post! Haha! ‘Til the next food adventure!

Tokyo Table

City Times Square, Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu
Lunch: 11:30AM-2:00PM | Dinner: 6:30PM -10:00PM
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Written by Jason Hansen