Finally! A food post! I honestly missed blogging about it and I was so glad when we had a team lunch out (it’s been a while!) two weeks ago The Yaki House. As you may already know, the word “yaki” means grilled or cooked over direct heat in Japanese. I love grilled food so much so you must know how excited I was that day! Read on as I share my Yaki experience and I hope you enjoy this post! *wink*

Upon arriving on the place, I was honestly surprised how small the place was that I said in silence, “Ahh mao diay ni siya.” (Ahh so this is it.) But when we went inside, I found the place cute especially with their almost-Japanese setup. Because I was expecting to dine like the Japanese where they have low tables and sit comfortably with legs crossed, but it wasn’t setup like that. The tables were actually high and our feet were under the table.

And because The Yaki House was all about grilling, of course, charcoal grills are on each table. Each of us had a budget of The Yaki House’s EAT ALL YOU CAN. Yes, eat as your tummy desires! For lunch, their eat-all-you-can rate is P359 while dinner is at P399. Here’s their eat-all-you-can menu:- Raw Imported Beef- Raw Pork Belly- Raw Pork Liver- Raw Chicken Fillet- Raw Fish- Scallops- Raw Squid- Raw Chorizo- Plain/Fried Rice- Kimchi- Vegetable/Chicken/Fish Tempura- Soup- 1 round of Soft Ice Cream

We actually ordered everything on their eat-all-you-can menu and wow we had a feast! I had two cups of rice with unknown number of meat strips! LOL. I loved the beef so much and their chicken was so tender. I haven’t remembered if I was able to eat the others on the menu because I was too busy watching my friends grill while I was waiting for some to be cooked and have it on my plate. Haha! But I do remember their baked scallops and calamares (squid) which were both yummy.

Overall, I loved my Yaki experience and I am definitely coming back. Their rates are so budget-friendly and you get more than what you paid for (especially if you’re a heavy eater like me!). The service was quite slow but I just thought maybe it was their first time to have a lot of customers (we were 30 in the team plus the other customers before us) who were all asking for our orders at the same time. Na-stress sila Ate at Kuya! Haha. The Yaki House is perfect when you’re looking for a great and gastronomically satisfying food adventure with your family, friends, and colleagues so I recommend you try it if you still haven’t!

The Yaki House

El Dorado Subdivision, A.S. Fortuna Street
Banilad, Cebu City
Lunch: 11AM – 2PM
Dinner: 6PM – 10PM

Written by Jason Hansen