Malaysia Sports School

Do you know that Malaysia also has Malaysia Sports School? This school is to gather all talented students and to polish them and guide them in sport and also academics. In this school, there are teachers also potential coaches who can guide compared to normal high school there is the only teacher there. Malaysia Sports School also has the focus on these 4 element things which is to develop student-athletes to make them be the world-class student-athlete, it also uses professional coaches, makes sports science specialization across the curriculum, and makes sports a career. If the student is really excellent in the Malaysia Sports School, it will open more peluang kerjaya dalam bidang sukan

Malaysia Sports School also have their own objective to make sure the school archives they archive their goals. There are 4 main objectives that the Malaysia Sports School is the focus which is to enhance the student knowledge, experience, and skill in the sport without ignoring academic achievement. Next, to be a center of sport that runs systematically and directly towards the users of world-class athletes also to be one of the distribution centers for knowledge and skill to fulfill the requirement to enter the higher education institution. Lastly, it is to cultivate and encourage the value and sportsmanship also to give experience in manage sport activities skills. 

There is 3 way for a student to be accepted in Malaysia Sports School which is:

  1. Primary School (Year 5 to 6)

The priority is for Gymnastic Artistic, swimming and jump also other sport as needed which athlete student also master in Literasi and Numurasi (LINUS)

  1. Secondary School (Form 1-5)

If the student wants to enter the Malaysia Sports School at least they need to get 3Cs in UPSR and 4Ds in PMR and that is the minimum requirement.

  1. Pre-University Programme

The intake for the pre-university program is based on SPM results also needs to pass the Malay subject. The student also needs to pass the interview if required also they need to have the potential to represent the country or already represent the country to be accepted. if you want to read an interesting article, click here.

  • Has represented the country/Has the potential to represent the country
  • Has taken the SPM examination and passed the Malay Language
  • Aged not more than 20 on the date of registration of the year of admission
  • Active in chosen sport continuously and recognized by the National Sports Council and national sports associations
  • Pass the interview by the selection committee if required

There is 5 sports school in Malaysia which is:

  1. Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil (SSBJ)
  2. Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Pahang (SSMP)
  3. Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail (SSTMI)
  4. Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Sabah (SSMS)
  5. Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Terengganu (SSMT)

Other than that, Malaysia Sports School also offer 31 sport at their school such as:

  1. Weightlifting
  2. Badminton
  3. Netball
  4. Basketball
  5. Football
  6. Volleyball
  7. Tenpin Bowling
  8. Bowls or Lawn bowl
  9. Artistic Gymnastic
  10. Gymnastic
  11. Hockey
  12. Judo
  13. Karate
  14. Cricket
  15. Swordfight
  16. Bicycle race
  17. Archery 
  18. Shoot
  19. Sport
  20. Ping pong
  21. Rugby 
  22. Swimming
  23. Synchronized swimming
  24. Taek Kwan Do
  25. Jump
  26. Sepak takraw
  27. Martial Arts
  28. Skuasy
  29. Wushu
  30. Tennis
  31. Tinju

Written by Jason Hansen