Stages Of Penetration Testing

In the age of unending evolution of technology, we will always be surprised with more evolving mechanisms by the creators who know nothing about giving up each day. There is even a whole new level of a newly created world, the cyber world is. It also requires us to get used to a new particular language that is highly used in this field and industry called coding language where all the magic starts out from. When it comes to this, there are a lot of steps and key strategies we should know of when we are involved in the IT world.

Anything can happen as there are hackers and software leaks can take place in times that never occur to us. If you are in an organization that relies very heavily on your computer system which keepsakes all the data, you should be extra careful in handling it. We never know how capable computer hackers can be in cyberspace. The last time I knew they even managed to acquire top secret and data of the military. In order to prevent a cyber attack from happening to the system, you must know that there is a thing called penetration testing that most people hire the service to test on the system security thus strengthening it if there are any weaknesses found. 

To notify you of what exactly penetration testing and the process, here are some of the steps in this test that will be put to use or click to be directed easily:

Planning and Reconnaissance

In this stage where planning and reconnaissance are vitally needed, your computer system security would not be guaranteed enough security without going through this particular step in penetration testing. In this step, it will involve a lot of defining aspects of the scope and goals of the test. The computer system will also be brought forward and they will be checking which testing methods will suit best for the system. There will be a lot of intelligence gatherings to be made in order for the party to grasp the whole target and the vulnerabilities that are possibly there.


In the scanning step, there will be two analyses that will be highly conducted. The first one is called static analysis where an inspection for the application’s code is dissected. This is to further investigate how it might be when being run. The other analysis following suit is dynamic analysis where the application’s code is left running as it is the state that will be investigated. This is to see the performance of it.

Gaining Access

To uncover the possible threats and vulnerabilities, this stage will be utilising many web attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and many more. Upon finding the threats, they might be running it to see whether or not they can exploit it to good use instead. Stealing data from it is one of the targets as it helps in understanding the future damage.

Maintaining Access

In the maintaining access step, the threats should have been found whereas they would be focusing on using the threats to better use. The method in this step will be to imitate the further threats that might attack the computer system again in the near future. By doing this, it is like we are taking a few steps further in strengthening the software to avoid the same thing happening.

Analysis and WAF Configuration

The results that have been obtained due to the whole penetration test will then be disclosed in a report. The report will list down the particular threats that were used, the leaked data that have got out and also the very time of the pen tester getting through the system without being detected. 

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Written by Jason Hansen