Happy Monday everyone! Wow, we’re already at this time of year of caps and gowns! As you know, here in the Philippines, the month of March marks the words summer break” and “graduation”. And with graduation, marks a beginning of a new journey – journey to the real world. You may already be so busy these days preparing for your last moments in college but you should also prepare yourselves in chasing reality – that is, looking for jobs and landing on your most coveted job description.
Now here, I am so excited to launch a new series here on my blog called Style 101. Yay!!! I’ll be sharing some style tips based on my personal views and experiences. And for my first entry for the series, I’ll share to you how you should dress up for your job interview.

1. Your attire is your visual resume.

Always remember that in business, first impressions are critical. HR Managers judge you first on what they see so be sure to look professional, neat, and well-groomed. With this, I mean that of course your clothes must be clean and wrinkle-free! Don’t wear too much makeup, just enough to make you look fresh and neat.

2. Invest in a GOOD blazer.

Suiting up will never go out of style in the corporate world. It’s the best weapon you have when dressing with anything simple like a plain dress or blouse. To be honest, I should do this already as well. I’ve been looking for good blazers all over the shopping world and this Forever 21 Collarless Blazer caught my heart. But of course you can never go wrong with the classic black and white blazer!

3. Dress to Impress.

But this doesn’t mean you go all over. Come on, it’s your job interview and wearing anything too flashy or aggressive is a big NO-NO. Dress to impress goes back to #1. Remember, it’s always better to be under-dressed than overdressed.

4. Put your best foot forward.

Wearing the right shoes on your first job interview is very important. Flats and heels, I recommend but never wear anything more than 3 inches. According to my research, there are ten shoes every woman should own. But I myself only have three according to the list. Just like #2, you should invest in good shoes as well. Wearing the wrong shoes most especially when it’s unpolished (oh no!) might cause you your dream job! Oops! So if you’re still looking for the best shoes, look it up at Zalora! Zalora has a broad range of stylish footwear for women. Click here to view the selection. A pair of classic pointed toe pumps or a vinyl sling back heels or just the basic mid-heel pumps will never let you down!

5. Dress up to be yourself. Be Confident.

This has to be the most important thing of all. Confidence is the most critical outfit you should wear on your job interview. And here are some tips that might help you deal with your confidence “issues” – if you don’t feel like being confident, then fake it! I’ve been to five different job interviews already (one was a mock interview during college and one was for the internship) and I must say it really isn’t easy to be on the hot seat. But hey don’t let it get to you! Take a deep breath, come in prepared with the right presence of mind, always make eye contact with the interviewer, and think positively!
So with these tips at hand, relax, enjoy your last days in college, and prepare for the next level. Good luck!

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Written by Jason Hansen