Why Shopping Groceries Online Is Important During Pandemic

Grocery shopping is one of the most important tasks for every household as it is important to have a healthy meal every day, including breakfast, to provide enough nutrients and energy to go through a long day of work. However, the coronavirus is still a threat to every citizen around the world and allows only a certain number of citizens from a household to purchase the necessities. The amount of groceries and necessities could vary depending on what the shoppers need, which could be a problem due to the SOP as they might not be able to purchase every necessity they need and require multiple trips. This can be resolved by purchasing groceries and necessities through e-commerce apps who will deliver your purchases to your doorstep without worrying about carrying too many products.

During lockdown, you might find yourself craving for something exotic, but most restaurants prevent dine-in and allow online deliveries instead. If you need to satisfy your need for crabs, then you can order crab delivery malaysia from your favorite grocery store on their website. But if you are looking for more varieties of crabs to order from online, then some e-commerce apps like Grab, Uber and Fave can provide you more options than the grocery store’s website and at a cheaper price too, depending on certain conditions. Through these apps, you can apply for a discount to make an otherwise expensive product much cheaper and purchasable. One of the trade-offs for it’s convenience is that you can’t judge the quality of the products and would rely on reviews instead, which could make most online shoppers prone to being scammed into purchasing lower quality ingredients. Of course, you can buy imported goods as well, but they will be so expensive it is better off to dine in a restaurant that serves the food instead.

Thanks to the advancement of technology in recent years, computers, smartphone devices and the internet are a core part of how we deal with mundane tasks by providing new ways of how we deal with these tasks. Since the threat of coronavirus is still present, these devices help grocery shoppers to purchase their desired ingredients without having to risk being infected by the virus. Although vaccines are being circulated and prioritized on senior citizens, it is not a for-sure method to counter the virus as it is capable of mutating and developing new strains, which would leave vaccinated individuals prone to being infected by these new strains. Because of that, teaching the eldery how to use the internet and smartphone has never been more important than before. 

Despite how convenient it is to shop for groceries online, you will be robbed the ability of manually choosing the quality of your groceries and leave you more susceptible to scams. Therefore, experienced smartphone users are responsible for educating the elderly on how to use a smartphone properly and teach them on what to look out for to differentiate between a message and a call from a scammer and a real employer.

Written by Jason Hansen